1. No Follow 3:07

The Story

No Follow is about following your intuition and allowing the desires of your soul to have chief control over the course of your life. When you move with your soul, you embrace your destiny.

I took a leap of faith and left my home in Cape Town in June 2015. I left my family, friends and fans to begin all over again in London. My soul wanted this and if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t be as fulfilled as I am today.

Visually I wanted to encourage fans to break free from society’s expectations and views. Don’t let others project their restrictions and fears on you.

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No Follow (single)

No Follow is a “future bass track mixed with rap and a touch of soul.” The video starts with the star tied up and tortured by masked assailants that force feed her alcohol and drugs before she breaks free from the ropes that bind her. Visuals produces by Studio Dassie and Costanza Bongiorni